Name Position/Portfolio Email Phone Mobile
Lyndall Briggs President, Media Contact, Ethics Support, Supervision, Education, Health Funds, Workshops, Journal Support, HCA Liaison, Business Development, OPD Support 02 9024 5182
Edward Zwickl Secretary, Vice-President, Ethics, Business Development Support 02 4735 6545
Jon Paul Miller Treasurer, Business Development
Margit Zsigmond Vice-President, Newsletter Editor, Journal Assistant Editor, Website, Social Media, OPD Support 0419 267 643
Carmen Julia Henry Registrar 0438 431 056
Claire Cleaver Welfare 0438 216 351
Matthew Favaloro Workshops Support, Website Support, Newsletter Support 0416 272 142
Karl Zhao Ongoing Professional Development Coordinator, Workshops Support
Dominic Varasso Treasurer’s Assistant, Business Development Support 03 9642 4255
Katina Kehagias Health Funds Support
Antoine Matarasso TBA
Peter Stroud Education Adviser, South Australia Representative 08 8373 0333
Belinda Hulstrom Victoria Representative 0419 331 457
Lyn de Silva Queensland Representative 07 5445 5546
Rian Rombouts Northern Territory Representative
Lindsay Jane Cook New Zealand Representative
Jen Lee Chien Taiwan Representative

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