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Autumn 2018

Volume 40 Number 1

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James Braid (I): Natural Philosopher, Structured Thinker, Gentleman Scientist, and Innovative Surgeon
Lindsay B. Yeates

James Braid (II): Mesmerism, Braid’s Crucial Experiment, and Braid’s Discovery of Neuro-Hypnotism
Lindsay B. Yeates

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Previous editions

Autumn 2016

Volume 38 Number 2

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Émile Coué and his Method (I): The Chemist of Thought and Human Action
Lindsay B. Yeates

Émile Coué and his Method (II): Hypnotism, Suggestion, Ego-Strengthening, and Autosuggestion
Lindsay B. Yeates

Émile Coué and his Method (III): Every Day in Every Way
Lindsay B. Yeates

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Spring 2015

Volume 37 Number 2

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Painting Like Picasso: Can Hypnosis Enhance Creativity?
Julie Regan

Gender Distinctions: Should We Be More Sensitive to the Different Therapeutic Needs of Men and Women in Clinical Hypnosis? Findings from a pilot
interview study

Leiya Lemkey, Belinda Brown and Dr John A Barry

Storm in the Womb: Exploring the Use of Private Subconscious Mind Healing
(P.S.H. Terapy) in the Treatment of Hyperemesis Gravidarum – Part 2

Peter Jackson

Risky Business: The Case for Clinical Hypnotherapy Mandatory Reporting and Notifcation Guidelines in Australia
Dr Leon W Cowen

Autumn 2015

Volume 37 Number 1

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Mental Messages: The Bridge Between Hyponotherapy, Counselling and Neuro-Technology
Lyndall Briggs and Peter C Stroud

Storm in the Womb: Exploring the Use of Private Subconscious Mind Healing (P.S.H. Therapy) in the Treatment of Hyperemesis Gravidarum – Part 1
Peter Jackson

The Ladies Who Listed to Starboard: Case Studies in the Application of Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the Treatment of Inner Ear Damage Resulting in Spatial Disorientation
Dr. Travis Gee

Spring 2014

Volume 36 Number 2

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Metaphoric Symbolised Imagery: The New Ego State Therapy Integration Technique
Peter Richard-Herbert, MA Psych, Dip Psych, Dip HP, Dip CH

My Body, My Birth, My Baby: The Experience of Childbirth for First-Time Mothers Who Have Undertaken Traditional Antenatal Education and Those Who Have Included Hypnosis
Rona Spicer, CHt, HBCE, MNLP, M Counselling & Psyhotherapy, DKin, BBus, CTAE

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management, Self Esteem, and Re-establishing Sexuality and Intimacy After Surgery (Part 3)
Eleonore Stephan, Adv Dip CH and Pyschotherapy, MNLP

Autumn 2013

Volume 35 Number 1

Ego State Conditions
Gordon Emmerson, PhD, Honorary Fellow, Victoria University, Melbourne Australia

Psychological and emotional preparation for IVF brings numerous benefits including an improved likelihood of success – The Fertile Body Method
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, Hyp. Dip, HG Dip, B.A.; Jane Evans, NLP Pract. BSc.; Sandra Znidar, PhD MA, MAS

Psychological management of a cancer patient using hypnosis – A case study
Dr Nikola Tomic, Medical Psychology Specialist, Sydney 

Self-hypnosis and psychological interventions for symptoms attributed to Candida and food intolerance
Linda A. Edwards, Faculty of Education, Monash University

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