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Welcome to Issue 3 (May 2024).

Photo by Liza Summer

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND): Can Hypnosis help?

Jerry Knight

by Jerry Knight

Image by Gerd Altmann

A Guide to Understanding and Applying Resource Therapy (RT)

Philipa Thornton

by Philipa Thornton

Book cover of The Chimp Paradox

Book Review: The Chimp Paradox, by Prof Steve Peters

George Owen

by George Owen

Photo by Italo Melo

The Gifts of Elder-ing

Andrew Solomon

by Andrew Solomon

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Choir + People = Community & Well-being

Alan Forsyth Silcock

by Alan Forsyth Silcock

Photo by Yan Krukau

The Goulding Method Unleashing Sweet Dreams and Sanity for Parents and Kids

Nicolas Gerey

by Nicolas Gerey

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Understanding and Addressing Unconscious Bias in Psychotherapy

Amanda Dounis

by Amanda Dounis