Discovering Past Lives, Part 1
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Lyndall Briggs

Lyndall Briggs

Past Life Therapy explores memories to assist clients to gain insights into unresolved issues that may be affecting their present-day. Identifying and resolving past issues can create incredible healing and personal and spiritual growth.

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Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Each of us is connected to our past by memories that are stored within us. These memories and knowledge far transcend the understanding of our conscious minds. There are many ways to awaken these experiences within you, bringing your soul and spirit to your consciousness.

The study of the universe points to recurring patterns that are elliptical or circular in motion, from the atomic up to the galactic. The question is, do we cycle through lives as well?

Just because a phenomenon can't be explained doesn't disprove it.

Miracles don't happen in opposition to the laws of science, but in opposition to the known laws of science. (St Augustine)

Some believe that because someone has died, they no longer exist. Quantum physics discoveries over the last forty years explain the connectedness of all, leading to us to understand that there is a higher self, a higher power.

As an example of the unexplained let's look at the humble caterpillar. A caterpillar may appear to die as it seals itself in its silk tomb. We know that in a miraculous transformation, the butterfly emerges. Interestingly, the butterfly does not have a single caterpillar cell, yet there is shared DNA. Is there a secret intelligence, a soul, an enduring essence that transcends the physical existence of the caterpillar that lives on after death?

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the rest of the world calls a butterfly. (Richard Bach)

Is the same true for humans? Scientists have proven that 98 percent of the cells in your body are replaced every year! In the same way that your soul skips from dead cell to living cell, does it also do the same within your lives?

Simply put, your body is not you. If you were your body and both your legs were amputated, would it follow that part of your consciousness would be lost along with your legs?

As Dr Deepak Chopra puts it:

We live under the impression that we are human beings, having occasional spiritual experiences, while in fact we are spiritual beings, having occasional human experiences. Nothing ever leaves the Universe; it only ever changes form.

When you burn a sheet of paper, it doesn't disappear, its atoms merely transform. Some people are born athletes, artists or musicians, with extraordinary talents that we call "natural" while we mere mortals must put in a bit of effort to reach the same standard. Are naturals born talented?

The soul is a form of energy, and we know that energy can't be created or destroyed. So, to the caterpillar's friends, their amigo appears dead the day the silk tomb is sealed. But like others that have been entombed following death and arisen, so too the beautiful butterfly rises again. Metamorphosis is just a fancy way of saying transformation or, reincarnation.

From the Bhagavad Gita, a Sanskrit poem:

As a man casting off worn-out garments takes other new ones,
so the dweller in the body casting off worn-out bodies
takes others that are new.
Certain indeed is death for the born and
certain is birth for the dead;
therefore, over the inevitable you should not grieve.

Henry Leo Bolduc tells a story about the ancients that came to earth, bringing with them the secrets of eternity. They worried about how to hide these great secrets until mankind was spiritually ready to appreciate and appropriately use them:

One lamented, 'If we hide them on land, people will
conquer the land and discover them'.
Another commented, 'If we hide them in the sea,
mankind will reach the very bottom of the sea'.
A third observed, 'If we hide them in space,
men and women will one day soar into space'.
Then the wisest said, 'Let us hide these secrets
in the last place they will think to search.
Let us hide the secrets in their own minds'.
This proved to be the perfect hiding place.

Space was called the final frontier. Is the mind, consciousness and the hereafter the new final frontier? It's only recently with the advent of CT Scans and MRIs that mankind has dared to explore this final frontier; people are now searching their minds for the secrets of eternity. And we're all part of this exploration.

Tools to connect with past life memories

Are you curious? Are you prepared to learn the tools that will allow you to become a time traveller? As coaches, we can only share with you the tools to become a successful time traveller - you need to trust the process, take the time to do the work and put them into practice. What if by doing so you can find a place of magic and miracles in your life, a life of extraordinary peace and joy.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to help you connect with past life memories.

Believe and have expectations. The first step is to BELIEVE that you have past lives in order to establish a connection to them! Then EXPECT every day that this connection will improve as you focus diligently on inner growth. Without these two essential pre-requisites, it is hard to achieve anything at all in life, even on the physical level. For inner growth, these two qualities are essential. So set a GOAL to achieve a connection to past lives, review that goal daily, and maintain your purpose with determination until success is yours.

Transform your world view. We are raised with a primarily materialistic worldview that neglects the role of spirit. To establish close contact with spiritual realms, we need to have our entire being (conscious and subconscious) congruent with our goal. In any major activity/goal, you have to establish the rules of the game and the way it is played. Contacting your past lives is the same. Therefore, seek out writings and teachers that expand your understanding of the universe as fundamentally being a realm of consciousness and mind.

Solitude. Make regular time for yourself where you can be totally alone. A quiet place is preferable. Just sit quietly with no expectations. Do NOTHING. This may feel very uncomfortable and strange in the beginning. Persist. You need to give time and space for your Inner Advisor to make itself heard. It will do so either during that quiet time, or else during the events of the day. Then a synchronistic event will occur; someone will tell you exactly what you need to hear; you will get a sudden flash of insight. All the great geniuses of history have found times of regular solitude and silence for themselves.

Learn to meditate. In meditation, you work to discipline your mind and silence the internal chatter that constantly fills it. Following your breath is an excellent meditative discipline, as is concentrating upon a candle flame. Or visualise a golden ball of light in your solar plexus that fills your whole body with energy and healing. There are many practices that you can study and use. Looking into water, a mirror, a crystal ball or one's own mind are good tools for meditation. You'll be amazed at the results. Just keep it up; repetition is the mother of learning.

Anyone can learn to meditate. There are over a thousand scientific studies conducted across 200 universities worldwide that document the signifcant benefits of meditation, which include:

  • higher levels of intelligence
  • increased creativity
  • reduced stress levels
  • improved health
  • enriched transcendence
  • enhanced personal relationships
  • increased job productivity/satisfaction.

Research has conclusively proven that every human being needs time each day spent in alpha brain-wave state, achieved by meditating or self-hypnosis, to function optimally in their personal and professional lives. If we're stressed or over stimulated we make more poor decisions, more mistakes, often become ill, and simply do not do our best. Being able to relax is the key to achieving a healthy balance in our busy lives. Ask most regular meditators and they'll confirm that meditation has even improved their luck!

... continued in Discovering Past Lives, Part 2.


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Lyndall Briggs FACA, HMASCH has been in full-time private practice for over 25 years. She has been the president of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) since 2002 and was on the board of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) for 10 years, since its incorporation. She is an experienced registered supervisor with both associations plus trainer for the Step Up Supervision Training Course.

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