There's more to us than we know
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Peter Smith

Peter Smith

If we open our minds to a universe of infinite possibilities and accept our role in the evolution of consciousness, we can serve humanity in ways that surpass our wildest dreams. Our magnificence has been hidden from us since time began, though today there is a light appearing under the door to a hidden room that offers us more joy than we can possibly imagine.

Photo by Melissa Askew
Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Anyone who has ever stumbled upon a transpersonal experience either deliberately or accidentally will echo this belief, having experienced firsthand other realms or dimensions.

There is a growing body of research into Near Death Experiences (NDE), Past Life Regressions that are historically validated, and Life Between Lives Experiences into the Spiritual Realm. This knowledge opens our minds to the possibility of a new level of Being, a heightened awareness, even enlightenment. This belief leads to an openness where we can learn to embody a deeper understanding of our ultimate consciousness.

In the quantum realm, we now know matter at the micro level does not behave the same way that we see it in the macro world around us. For example, a chair is a mere collection of energy particles at the micro level, yet we see the chair as a chair in our macro world.

This at first seems confusing, though when you take into account that our own thoughts create the realities around, it all starts to fall into place.

Quantum Physics has been telling us for decades that our view of the 3D world is incorrect, and our universe is supported by multidimensional layers, yearning to be explored. Here are some examples:

  • Time and space are more fluid than we realise. We know Einstein’s Theory of Relativity revolutionised our understanding of gravity, space, and time. One of the key insights of General Relativity is that gravity is not just a force between masses, as described by Newtonian physics, but rather a curvature of spacetime caused by the presence of mass and energy. This means both time and space are malleable.
  • When Edward Witten put forward M-Theory in 1995, he amalgamated five versions of String Theory into one underlying theory. He did this by adding another dimension of spacetime, supporting his findings of M-Theory by allowing for a broader perspective on the fundamental constituents of the universe.
  • Hugh Everett’s PhD thesis in 1957 offered different ways of understanding the behavior of particles at the quantum level. His observation that the collapse of the wave function is perceived by an observer here, creating the observer’s reality, even though it continues onwards into an unlimited number of multiverses. This became known as the Many World’s interpretation.

We know and accept that our knowledge of the way the universe works is being challenged by the quantum sciences.

Case Study

As a therapist, what does working with expanded consciousness and openness to the unexplained look like in practice? I present Sarah’s case study applying Quantum Consciousness.

A client we will call Sarah was drawn to this work. Sarah is a speech writer and presented as an energetic and vibrant person in our first session. She has two teenage sons and had experienced a difficult divorce in the past year. She talked with me about removing 'toxic patterns of choosing the wrong relationships'.

Earlier in our conversation it became apparent she had never had a positive role model for intimate relationships. Her own energetic sensitivities had absorbed a difficult energy from her parents, and she’d carried this legacy forward. She simply wanted to be set free from what was holding her back so that she could find a life of purpose.

In her session, we expanded outside time and space, observing a small child who knew in her heart she was not fully loved. As our Sarah embraced that little girl, the tension eased from her young body and she was able to stop chasing love, knowing that she now held that missing love within her. For that child to know that another version of her loved her enough to transcend time and space to offer her what she most needed led to a profound change.

We observed Sarah before being born and installed what we call ‘Empath Protocols’, which offered her the tools and abilities to know she could observe and not absorb what was hers and what was not. The protocols gave her the gift of energetic discernment or free will to engage in the energy she chose to. The equilibrium of the unborn child changed, rippling into her multidimensional future as the realities that were created in her life’s path changed also.

We then reached back into the ancestral lines of five generations on the father’s side that held strong insecurities, and we transcended those old energies. We observed countless generations of despair on the mother’s side and changed her inheritance to light, liberating them. We came to know in Sarah’s expanded states that she had incarnated into these family lines deliberately, to end these patterns. In the present, she could offer those new healed energies to her own sons.

Our final stop in the Quantum Field was to meet with Sarah five years out, who came from a high vibrational reality and shared with Sarah that she had released her pattern with men, was writing the book she’d always wanted to write, and was centered and grounded in her life. She also reported that the two boys were really happy.

When we blended the energy fields of both Sarahs they became quantumly entangled making this future a self-fulfilling prophecy and collapsing lower vibrational timelines into this positive one.

All this becomes possible when we let go of time and space as we know it and surfed the infinite possibilities available in the Quantum Field.

Sarah is now in control, and on her chosen positive life path.

Once we open to this ever-expanding reality, we are no longer passengers, we are the captain, steering our vessel in our chosen direction.

As the old adage goes, 'Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right'.

Quantum Physics research states that both time and space are more fluid than we realise. There are other dimensions yet to be discovered and even, perhaps we are creators using our observer effect which states 'the observer effect is the disturbance of an observed system by the act of observation'.

This fluidity comes as no surprise to anyone who has facilitated Age Regression Therapy, where the client again becomes that younger version of themselves who has often absorbed trauma. They travel back in time, release those difficulties and change their state of being in current times. Did they heal their subconscious, or did they time travel to create another reality and then timeline hop into their preferred version of reality?

And what about consciousness?

We know the power of the subconscious to bring about change, which is the basic premise that underpins the power of hypnotherapeutic techniques.

We know that consciousness can leave the body during an NDE and return.

We know through mediumship that consciousness survives physical death.

We may have observed some form of quantum or collective memory that accesses experiences in the distant past, that may even be seen to have been the events of other people. If we think in terms of a quantum computer which transcends the restrictions of binary coding, into code held in its superposition (all possibilities). Perhaps memory exists in its own superposition, which would make the retrieval of information potentially limitless – and even understandable scientifically.

If you put both concepts together, you arrive at the term Quantum Consciousness.

The Quantum realm is the infrastructure of the multiverse, a series of unlimited waves of particles that form to our intention. Consciousness is the fabric of reality that brings that infrastructure to life, a wave of cosmic knowing available to us to help us realise our true potential.

We founded the Institute for Quantum Consciousness to explore these connections and through the eyes of thousands of people, we have started to see the full potential of us as human beings.

The message we offer is a simple one:

You are magnificent beyond your knowing,
a multidimensional being of incredible potential
waiting to be discovered by you.
Your role is simply to remember who you really are
and watch the world change around you,
before helping others do the same.

We believe we are in the middle of a huge shift in consciousness. The evidence is all around us as old systems fail, new paradigms emerge and that which was so important to us just a short while ago, now seems old and unnecessary. These are the times that we all came here for, and we are in full swing of a collective purpose to take humanity’s consciousness closer to our limitless potential than ever before.

The journey from therapist to facilitator of Quantum Consciousness comes with various mindset shifts that we have had to undertake and I offer the following concepts that anyone making the transition can implement:

  • We see our clients in their magnificence.
  • We take clients out of their bodies to the wisdom that awaits - when you facilitate an out of body journey, the language is expansive, the intention is inspiring and your own intuition is magnified as you let go of process and methodology. If you like, when the client is in their ‘superposition’, the potential for them finding their own solutions blossoms, as it embraces their magnificence.
  • We speak of the client, not to the client, as there is profound insight from asking a question of the expanded self about the human self. For example a question of a client, e.g. James, beyond their body in their magnificence can be as simple as, 'What is the greater purpose behind James’ anxiety?', when an insightful answer arrives, we simply reply: 'Now that James knows this, how will his life be forever changed?'

You and your client will be surprised by the answers that come. You can help the client change their life in a way that was less possible if they stayed in their body to arm-wrestle their traumas.

As therapists, I am certain most of you have seen at the very least, snippets of what we are discussing here. The true potential of who we are and where we can take human consciousness is within your reach. We know that when you change the inside... the outside follows.

I truly feel that hypnotherapy as a modality is only limited by how we see it. I sense we are potentially missing the opportunities before our very eyes, as the landscape we work in is limitless. I favour mindsets where we align with the messages coming from the science of possibility and the hidden magnificence in our clients who trust us with their explorations of expanded consciousness.

We have a choice to make here as I know, through my own work that a window is opening. The universe is calling us personally and collectively to help guide our clients and, perhaps humanity to a new level of consciousness. It will be our choice to explore and educate ourselves of the application of this new knowledge to our therapy fields that will determines how we serve the shift of consciousness in the years ahead.

Peter Smith has been a consciousness explorer for almost 30 years. Over time he founded two Hypnotherapy Schools and created the modality of Hypnoenergetics. He was president of the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives from 2009 to 2019 and continues to guide the organisation as a member of the Board. In 2013, Pete founded the Institute for Quantum Consciousness to blend spirituality with key principles of Quantum Physics. He has trained a network of facilitators all around the world who take clients on journeys to visit other realities and dimensions. His published works include Quantum Consciousness – Journey through other realms (2018) and The Transcendence of Celeste Kelly (2023), his first novelisation of a lifetime of consciousness work.

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