Accreditation Questions

Currently, in Australia, there are no government hypnotherapy training packages. However, there are Registered Training Organisations that have Hypnotherapy courses accredited by the Government, which meet the Australian Quality Training Framework in education requirements.

An accredited course from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) has met government and industry standards. A graduate wanting to go on to higher education may gain credit for some of this training. A non-accredited course that is listed on the ASCH website may still meet industry standards. The ASCH lists the educational requirements to gain membership. Please note that not all training is sufficient to gain professional membership.

An unaccredited course does not lead to a formal academic qualification and it is not nationally recognised, however, it may still be accepted by industry associations or peak bodies.

Individuals who meet the ASCH’s educational standards are able to join the ASCH as professional members. Currently, in Australia, there are no registration requirements to be a clinical hypnotherapist. However, usually an individual will need to be a member of a professional association to be able to access health fund provider status and be able to obtain professional indemnity insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all diploma courses meet the ASCH’s educational requirements to gain professional membership.

If your school is not listed in the ASCH website, you can ask the school to apply to the ASCH for recognition. Once we’ve reviewed the training, we can determine the level of membership at which graduates can apply. If your school does not choose to apply for recognition, we will assess your level of training and offer you the membership level that we are able to assess, which may not be as high as it would be if the school was recognised formally by the ASCH.

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