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Supervision is a vital part of the ASCH’s ethical and professional responsibility. It is important, therefore, that supervisors and supervisees are aware of their obligations and that supervision is taken seriously. For example, a supervisor can be held legally responsible if a supervisee receiving professional supervision is sued.

What you need to know about supervision

Supervision provides an opportunity for a hypnotherapist to receive professional ongoing support and guidance in working with clients and in personal development. A supervisor provides:

  • a forum for discussing case histories, client issues, the workplace, and the supervisee’s own issues
  • an opportunity for a regular debrief in a safe, non-judgemental environment in order to avoid burn-out
  • an opportunity to air and address a wide range of issues related to:
    • clients
    • colleagues
    • relationships
    • safety
    • mandatory reporting
    • ongoing personal and professional development
    • skills
    • experience
    • personal wellbeing
    • building a practice
    • the workplace.

The supervisor is responsible for the supervisee and the supervisee’s clients, and so the process that the ASCH follows to accredit someone to be a supervisor is of great importance.

What it is NOT

It is not a power play.
It is not a discussion between practitioners.
It is not an opportunity for only discussing personal issues.
It is not about providing initial training.

The role of the supervisor

The supervisor’s role is to guide and support the supervisee’s progress as a professional therapist and to encourage further development and education. Stress, transference, and burn-out issues are monitored, and good quality control and ethical issues are observed.

The supervisor sees supervisees individually as required and/or in a group of no more than five attendees, so that everyone receives the necessary attention and time to be heard.

The supervisor needs to be able to communicate easily with respect, giving feedback, encouragement and direction. The supervisor raises issues of administration, such as secure record keeping, insurance, appropriate premises, mandatory reporting, being subpoenaed, and the supervisee’s own wellbeing.

The supervisor:

  • is a registered full member of the ASCH or other approved association
  • has been in practice as a registered full member or full member for three years
  • has undertaken recognised training in supervision.

The role of the supervisee

The supervisee is:

  • responsible for their own learning
  • preparing for supervision
  • using supervision time effectively
  • presenting their work openly and honestly
  • delivering the best service possible to their clients or client group
  • creating learning partnerships with the supervisor and other supervisees if they participate in group supervision
  • applying learning from supervision to their work
  • monitoring and evaluating their own work
  • being aware of cultural, religious, racial, age, gender and sexual orientation differences between the supervisee and others
  • creating ethical and professional environments for their work.

The supervisee is responsible for meeting the necessary supervision requirements, such as start and finish times of meetings and the number of hours of supervision required per annum, as well as the annual mandatory ongoing professional development.

The supervisee is:

  • an intern full member in his/her first year of membership, or
  • a full member in his/her first year of membership, or
  • a registered full member.

Registered full members require 12 hours of supervision per annum in individual, group or peer group supervision.

Full members and intern full members in their first year require 12 hours supervision one-on-one with a qualified supervisor.

Note that due to distance and where it is deemed appropriate, group or peer group supervision can be conducted via telephone or Skype.

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