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The first edition of the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis was published in March 1980.

We no longer have the cover image of that edition, but we do have all the articles in a Word document. We have now made it available for you as a PDF to read and enjoy. Here is the Table of Contents of Vol. 1, No. 1:

  • J. Hariman
    What is Hypnotism? A Proposal
  • J. Marriott
    The Non-directive State of Hypnosis and Subsequent Dream-work in Resolving a Long-standing Fear/Anxiety State
  • Z. Kelemen
    Hypno-Behavioural Therapy for the Treatment of Stuttering
  • W.J. Stewart
    The “Vitamin Pill” From a Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • A.V. Wood
    Hypnosis and Learning Theory
  • J. Hariman
    A Rapid Induction Technique: My Approach
  • G. Turner
    Positive Mental Bulldust
  • G. Haimer
    Hypnotic Susceptibility and Age Regression
  • J. Kingsbury
    Case Notes and Techniques Conditioning for Hypnosis via Telephone in a Case of Dental Phobia
  • K. Wallis
    Case Notes and Techniques – Senoi Dreamwork

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Other articles from the archive

Vol. 1 No. 2 (September 1980)

Dr Warren J. Stewart, Hypnosis in Study Improvement.


Study behaviour involves a whole complex of behaviours such as sitting, reading, concentrating, remembering and many skills like compre¬hension. Any treatment by hypnosis needs to be accompanied at the least, by a self-instruction behaviour modification course, in study im¬provement of all the responses involved in studying. The program provides the mind with a method to improve studying. This is necessary because the mind can only be motivated to improve using hypnosis when it knows how. Hypnotic suggestions should then focus on these specific behavioural change procedures in the self instruction course.

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