Membership Levels

The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) was formed in 1974 with the following objectives:

  • To advance the knowledge, art science and practice of hypnosis, and to maintain the highest possible ethical standards in the use of hypnosis.
  • To further the prevention and treatment of ailments, afflictions and conditions with a view to reducing human suffering; and to co-operate with other authorities interested in the causes, diagnosis and treatment of such ailments, afflictions and conditions.
  • To stimulate public interest in hypnosis and assist in keeping members up to date in the latest developments in the field of research into hypnotic techniques as applied to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions that can be treated using hypnotic or similar techniques.
  • To promote, develop and assist the study of and the acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge and information concerning the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of psychosomatic ailments and conditions using hypnosis.
  • To promote and establish funds for, and aid research and investigation into, hypnotic techniques in their application to medicine and related fields and into the causes and treatment of ailments and conditions.

All members of the ASCH are required to maintain a strict standard of ethics. See Code of Ethics.

Admission to membership

Admission to membership to the ASCH is available to healthcare professionals and is conditional upon agreement to adhere to the regulations laid down in the Articles of Association and the Code of Ethics of the ASCH and the satisfactory completion of a wide range of educational courses. Exemptions may be granted if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, a candidate can demonstrate existing qualifications and competence.


Retired Member

A member who is no longer practising hypnotherapy and who has been either a Professional Member, Registered Professional Member, or Fellow.


A Fellow has been deemed by the Board to have provided outstanding service to the ASCH, and without limiting the generality thereof, has established an extensive practice in hypnotherapy, advanced the knowledge of hypnotherapy or one of its fields, or has made substantial and original contributions to the advancement of hypnotherapy or one of its fields.


An Emeritus member is no longer practising hypnotherapy, and has been a Registered Professional Member or a Professional Member of the ASCH.

Registered Professional Member (health fund listing)

A Registered Professional Member is a Professional Member who:

  • holds a current First Aid Certificate
  • has professional indemnity insurance
  • undertakes ongoing professional development
  • undertakes ongoing clinical supervision and/or peer supervision.

Professional Member

A Professional Member has completed successfully an approved course in hypnosis and its therapeutic application or has satisfied the Board of their competence in the theory and practice of hypnosis and is currently one of the following:

  • Medical Practitioner
  • Psychologist
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor, or
  • Theologically trained person

It may also be someone who has, as an Intern Professional Member, completed or has been exempted from all the educational requirements of the ASCH and has completed 20 hours of workshop participation and a minimum of 12 months clinical supervision in hypnotherapy.

Upon acceptance, a Professional Member must complete 12 hours of supervision a year by an approved clinical supervisor. A Professional Member is entitled to use the acronyms of the ASCH and such abbreviated form or emblem as may be approved from time to time by the ASCH, in addition to other benefits and entitlements pertaining to Professional Membership.

Intern Professional Member

An Intern Professional has satisfied the Board of their competence in the theory and practice of hypnosis by examination and has successfully completed all of the ASCH’s educational requirements.

The period of Intern Professional Membership is one year, during which time the member must undergo clinical supervision by an approved clinical supervisor and complete 20 hours of workshop participation.

Senior Associate

A Senior Associate has completed successfully an approved course in hypnosis and its therapeutic application or has satisfied the Board of their competence in the theory and practice of hypnosis by examination but does not possess the tertiary qualifications required for Intern Professional Membership.

Senior Associates are entitled to identify themselves as an ASCH Senior Associate, but cannot use the ASCH’s logo or acronyms.


An Associate has undertaken some training in hypnosis or related fields. An Associate is entitled to identify him/herself as an ASCH Associate, but cannot use the ASCH’s logo or acronyms.


Affiliate/Students either have an interest in hypnosis or are currently participating in an accredited hypnotherapy course. Affiliate/Students may not publicly claim membership of the ASCH.

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